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When you face the tragedy of losing your dog, it can be a very traumatic experience. Lost Dogs Ohio is here to help. For some a dog is not just a dog, it is a family member and their heart begins to race and they go into a real panic mode, you get the feeling that you have just lost a child. So when people face the heart ache of losing a dog there are things that can be done to remedy this most horrific event. There are many reasons why your dog can be become lost. In some cases a dog can be very frightened and run off, sometimes itís because you let them outside and forgot you let them out while you were grabbing that cup of coffee.Sometimes it can also be because they have never left the yard before or they are always out unattended because you have a fenced yard. The best way to not lose your dog is to not ever put it outside without keeping a close eye on them, keeping a collar on with their dog license, also a micro chipped dog is more likely to be returned if it gets lost, and does not have a collar on, and is found by or taken to a dog shelter. Dog shelters have scanners and scan dogs when they enter the shelter.

The very first thing you should do is call your local shelter and police departments and report your dog as missing, then gather up some people to help aid in your search keeping one person at your home to answer phones. A lost dog can be found if the family and friends pool their energy and talents to getting your dog home. So call all them and get them rounded up and create a strategy on how to find your dog. A good way to find a lost dog is to immediately plaster area where your dog went missing with the flyers you just printed out from our website, you can make them smaller and tape them right to the front of a mailbox or go door to door and ask them to put them on their refrigerators. It's very important to consider who the last person was that saw the dog, and get all the details of where the dog went missing from and the direction they were heading. That will determine where the lost dog flyers should be posted. It's very important to have a good clear picture of the dog to put on the flyer. A color picture is best. There are certain things that must be included on the flyer, to insure maximum chances of the lost dog being found. Our website Lost Dogs Ohio partnering with Helping Lost Pets, does all that for you. The first words on that flyer should be LOST DOG that will catch a personís eye first. A lost dog flyer should look something like this.

(Our Actual Flyer)

Even though you have a picture of the lost dog, there should be a very clear description of the dog; Such as his or her name, gender, height, weight, age, color of coat, age of dog. It is believed, that people that offer rewards are ten times more likely to have a dog returned to them, than those people that do not offer a reward. I personally do not believe that. I think that with so many people starting to offer such high rewards for dogs that it is making it a good market for a thief and puppy flippers. (I have yet to meet someone that found a dog that would take any reward money.) But if you choose to offer a reward come up with an amount that you can afford to be given to the person that returns your dog. If the dog was lost in a neighborhood, going door to door with the flyer works great. Ringing doorbells and knocking on doors the old fashioned way, turns in remarkable results. Perhaps they didn't see your dog yet, but they might see it in the next day or two. So it's important to get the word out and leave a flyer and ask them to put it on their refrigerator, and copy the phone number to put in their car. Another thing you can do is put flyers up in places like stores, schools that area children attend, the post office, any police or fire stations. Make sure your mail carrier, bus drivers, utility meter readers, trash truck drivers especially because dogs will get into trash when they get hungry. These are all people that hit almost every house in the area.

Once all that is done and you still havenít found your dog it is now time to take a deep breath and expand the search and make some stand out posters. Use florescent poster board and make some large posters and place them at all intersections within the area. Frightened dogs can travel a great deal of distance. The distance depends on the breed of dog but 3-5 miles from home is nothing for a large dog to travel overnight, country dogs tend to travel farther faster because they may be chasing deer (thatís my opinion).


(Remember you only have a few seconds to look at them)

Posting on Facebook and the Internet

You can also posts online on different sites that offer free posts to people who have lost dogs.  One big mistake that a lot of people make on social networks is to post a picture and say I lost my dog and not share it public. Your friends see it and share it but they may not put any of your information on it so your lost dog help stops right there. We have Partnered with HELPING LOST PETS to help people share their lost dog on Facebook and not have it get lost again also in social media. We are also a member of Lost Dogs of America for educating the public. If you need any help with the site Lost Dogs Ohio or how to share in the social media feel free call 440-579-3546.

(Nico is still missing click on photo to view, share or download)

LOST DOGS OHIO offers a flyer for our Veterans that had dedicated their lives for our Country that have lost a dog in Ohio. This is something special we offer ONLY to a Veteran that has risked his life to protect our Freedom. We do require that you provide a photo of the Veteran in a uniform or in the field to put in the bottom right corner of the flyer, their military branch of service.